the-flying-dikdik asked: Sorry this is continued- I could think perfectly & everything , as much as I felt I was in a dream state a part of me knew I wasn't. That kinda scared me so I just wanted to open my eyes (I could kinda see myself laying on my bed) & I couldn't! Until I felt this cold sensation on my hip & I felt myself in my body again..! So weird. Then, again after 2 hours into my nap I woke up, feeling half conscious I looked up Infront of me & the whole area/reality had a grid just all the air! It was like I-

[2] Was looking at a map! (Sorry if this doesn’t make sense I’m trying my best to explain lol) I can see orbs,sparkles,auras,etc & there were sparkles everywhere & reality was hazed especially w/ this grid. I did some research & thought maybe it was the planetary grid that I saw? Idk what do you think is going on? Thanks for reading this(: sorry for the novel!

The beginning here is a bit confusing, like there should be three asks to complete this story. It sounds like you had some sort of Out of Body Experience (seeing your own body on the bed). Later you had a sort of vision. When you go to sleep, or nap, (or meditate for that matter) your consciousness goes through different natural altered states of awareness. These shifts in brain function, and consciousness result in different perceptions than normal. Most people experience and remember dreams, but most people do not recall the transition of waking back up to a normal state, and different things that can arise there. From my perspective you were ‘gifted’ with this experience, and it is up to you to honor it, and therefore (more likely at least) experience more of them.

It seems that as you transitioned back into waking reality you were perceiving subtle energy. The orbs, sparkles, and/or auras are cool right? I see them daily, and more profoundly after I meditate, am sleeping and so forth. Anyways, it’s a perception of subtle energy. The vision of the grid may be many things- it’s up to you to discern, from your feelings, what it means to you. What you feel it may mean is what it’s important.

The experience of these natural altered states, where the unconscious, and more subtle realms merge into your awareness, is very powerful. My heart tells me that this is something that is helpful for the evolution of humanity, the Earth, and the cosmos. Those who are ready, and are guided into these experiences must seek to understand and become comfortable with such new visions and sensations. The opening of the spiritual eyes can continue as long as you allow it to!

please have peace of mind, stay observant, seek truth and stay in the light.

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Anonymous asked: My bf said when you adtral travel evil spirts can like go to you and youll see some in your room on your way back or get lost and it scares me to attempt to try and I dont even know where to start to behin traveling :(

If you’re scared to attempt it, especially with your boyfriends limited knowledge influencing you, then don’t do it. I would recommend focusing on your life, work, relationships- developing yourself in all ways. If you are ready to do Astral Travel at some point in your life, it will unfold for you.

I would just note now, in response to you, that Astral experiences are similar to dreams in that they reflect the unconscious patterns or psychological imprints of an individual. The Astral, like a Lucid Dream has the potential for conscious manifestation. But evil spirits, or dark images appear from a psyche, or are attracted to a individual’s consciousness, that has negativity within it.

This is why, in Buddhism and Yogic traditions, purification of the body and mind is traditionally done before reaching any sort of Astral experience. In my personal experience, all of my Astral trips have been filled with light, love, expansion, and growth.

I don’t want to get to deep into this topic with you in particular, because in your case I suggest not focusing on the Astral potential, and rather focusing on the here and now- in physical reality. Like I said, discover your True Self, improve yourself, do your work (whatever it is you feel passionate about), strive to have harmonious relationships, etc.


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"Initiates in the Egyptian Mystery Schools who were taught about other dimensions of reality; the mystery teachings were done under a strict code of silence. All of these writers refer to secret initiations in which the initiate - if he or she lived - experienced other levels of reality while being out of the physical body. According to Ring (1985), the initiatory rites of the Osirian and other ancient Wisdom Schools have parallels with the near-death experiences that are occurring today. As people today describe the aftereffects of their near-death experiences, so it was with those few who survived Initiation: They knew, not from faith but through experience, that they were immortal."

"An earthly being that wishes to access through astral projection the high spheres of the astral must have an elevated frequency of vibration of his auric energies, otherwise she might face the destination point of an astral travel to areas with gloomy and frightening scenery. Saints, advanced yogis, clairvoyants, wise men and prophets often tell about their travels to such paradisiacal places that never existed on physical geographic map of the earth and they describe the wonderful beings they met."

"The Gnostics saw the process of awakening to the mystic’s view as unfolding in four stages, which are represented by what they called “the four elements: earth, water, air and fire.”
The first stage is when people believe that the world is only physical and they totally identify themselves as their body. They do not believe in a God, a spirit world or a soul. You can see that solid earth is an excellent symbol for this belief system. Their consciousness, personality and mind are seen as aspects of their body, things that arise out of the chemistry of the body and brain. When the body dies, they are absolutely gone forever.
When people start to study subjects such as out-of-body experiences, near-death experiences and past lives, they move into the non-physical world, a world that is less solid, less dense. This is represented by water and people moving into this stage are sometimes symbolically baptized with water.
The next step is when they start to study their own mysterious awareness itself. This stage is represented by air. Although we cannot directly see air, we know that it exists because we see it blow the leaves in the trees. Similarly, we cannot see our awareness directly yet we know it exists because we experience absolutely everything through it. As the Gnostics contemplate this mysterious awareness, they move further down the path of self-discovery.”

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Anonymous asked: hello! I've had a couple of astral projection experiences in the last few weeks, but I'm a little confused... Both times I remember getting out of my body and floating above it, and I even felt the legs of my astral body one of the times. But I remember these experiences randomly later in the day, and I can't tell if they were just dreams or not. I've never had a vivid one but I always thought you were supposed to feel fully conscious. What do you think?

I would not define your experience as an Astral Projection, and especially not an Astral Travel.

[ Astral Travel and Astral Projection are two different things. Astral Projection is a sort of ‘half-way in and out’ of body experience. While Astral Travel is a type of full Out of Body Experience in which an individual goes into higher realms. So Astral Travel is a particular type of OBE, while Astral Projection is like a strong visualization. Lucid Dreaming is similar to Astral Travel, except rather than ‘waking up’ within a dream, you actually experience the movement from the regular, waking-consciousness, into an Astral state of awareness. ]

I would define your experience as a slight-Out-of-Body Experience. In other words, you began to have a full Out of Body Experience, but either fell back asleep, or don’t remember the rest. You are correct that during an OBE, or any sort of Astral experience it is like a Lucid Dream, because you are indeed conscious. Otherwise, if unconscious, it would be called a ‘dream’, or not have a label, because it’s not even remembered at all.

Just to clarify, what we all refer to as the Dream Body, Astral Body, and Light Body are all the same in thing. So you may consider setting the intention to continue to explore the possibilities of this Subtle Body. You may find that when traveling Out of Body, you can go around the house, the town, and out into space, as well into other dimensions. You can also explore the unconscious- this is where OBE meets Astral Travel.

By focusing your attention on this practice, that some call Dream Yoga, you will discover all of this yourself. Through working with this nightly, spiritual opportunity, you will find what works for you, and what is important for you to do in these natural altered states.

If you have further questions, let me know. I also have a lot of posts tagged under Astral-Travel and OBE. Try or


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sentient-beings asked: to kind of add on the the astral travel question- 1. you cant get lost. There is actually a cord connected from your stomach ( sacral) chakra from your astral body, to your physical body. it cannot be cut by entities and is supposedly cut when you pass onto the next life. Regarding "ghosts," don't call them ghosts, because ghosts refer to a person that has passed on. There are many different types of beings in the astral, some are high-vibrational and some are lower.

I don’t think I ever mentioned getting lost in the Astral. I agree with you that we are tethered back to the physical when traveling out of body.

Anyways I know what you’re talking about with the various entities. But the previous question, someone was specifically talking about ‘ghosts’. They saw, what to them was a ‘ghost’. The fact that their experience related to ‘ghosts’ is important.


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Anonymous asked: I was watching insidious right and so the little boy was astral traveling apparently. And my friend said he can do that but he sees ghosts when he does. Now I don't know if he is confused or what but is that actually possible and can you actually get lost?

I just googled Insidious and I see it’s a horror movie. Let’s assume your friend is telling the truth, and he does have Out of Body Experiences where he witnesses ghosts. I would interpret this to mean that his unconscious is manifesting this experience, because he has ‘inner ghosts’. Inner ghosts meaning aspects of himself that he is not aware of; suppressed, shadow aspects. When he has these lucid dream-like experiences, his unconscious is presenting these ghost figures as a message.

On the other hand, I don’t discount the actuality of real ghosts, in the sense of the dead that haven’t moved on. I had a friend who could see these entities. But in this case we’re looking at a projection from the unconscious. The ghosts are more like a dream-figure, used to represent Shadow aspects of Self, that he is yet to understand or confront.


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blackholesunrise asked: Can you astral project?

We all can Astral Project. It’s a potential each of us hold. But I don’t want to be a stickler about grammar and not answer what you meant to ask.

I do Astral Project, Astral Travel, and Lucid Dream. It happens quite regularly. I don’t use any drugs, and I also don’t ‘try’. It seems to happen spontaneously. There are several factors I feel relate to the occurrence of these experiences. They are discussed in a video I will re-post right now.

Firstly, and I find this very important, Astral Travel and Astral Projection are two different things. Astral Projection is a sort of ‘half-way in and out’ of body experience. While Astral Travel is a type of full Out of Body Experience in which an individual goes into higher realms. So Astral Travel is a particular type of OBE, while Astral Projection is like a strong visualization. Lucid Dreaming is similar to Astral Travel, except rather than ‘waking up’ within a dream, you actually experience the movement from the regular, waking-consciousness, into an Astral state of awareness.

This is a cool thing to understand. I view Astral Travel, as a change in awareness or perception. Your consciousness shifts, you become aware of things in a higher vibration. In this state, your Astral Body/Dream Body/Light Body is free to travel wherever you choose.

This is something everyone is capable of doing. We all dream, we all have a Mer Ka Ba/Light Body/Dream Body/Astral Body. People in the spiritual community these days tend to focus on Astral Projection/Travel. I understand why, I really do. But I would like to emphasize that often some initial work must take place.

~~~ 222 ~~~

I recommend clearing your energies- your emotional, mental and physical body- of any dissonance. This means healing your psyche/Self, opening your Heart, and other Chakras/Energy centers. I also believe that being grounded is an important balance to seeking Inner/Astral explorations.

You may consider that Yogis traditionally experience Astral Travels and Dream Yoga/Union after a serious practice of meditation. Meditation naturally clears and cleanses your body, mind, and spirit, because, for one, it will make you more conscious of these various aspects.

A one-pointed, or still mind is also vital to the Astral/Lucid experience, because it won’t last very long if your mind is racing all over the place. So for those seeking an Astral Travel etc, I recommend focusing less on that end goal, and more on the steps that can help lead up to this successful OBE.

Purify, ground, set the intention. It will happen when you’re ready. Oh also, between 3 and 5 am (the middle of your sleep cycle) is the best time to Lucid Dream and Astral Travel in my opinion.

All of this comes from personal experience. I never read any books or anything about how to Astral Project etc.


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Anonymous asked: lucid dreaming stories

My most reoccurring Lucid Dream is where I realize that I’m asleep, and I project outwards into a total Void Space. I’ll fly upwards at increasingly high speeds. One thing I forgot to mention is that having a ‘calm’ mind, like a meditative state, allows the Lucid States to last longer. So I’ll normally do Mantra when I enter this state. Anyways I tend to fly around in this void; it’s exhilarating. Then out of this void space, my unconscious usually manifests a scenario or scene. In this context I will interact with a situation for as long as possible.

Afterwords I always write down exactly what happened, draw images that are important, and interpret the meaning of events, figures, conversations etc.

Apologies for not getting too specific, besides about flying the Void, flying through the Universe, and flying through the macrocosm (the brain etc). It’s just that I feel that telling a lot of people, publishing, your Inner Experiences spoils them in some way.

This brings me to a final suggestion. I would STRONGLY ENCOURAGE you NOT to share your experiences with friends or family, especially if they are not TOTALLY on the same wave length as you, so to speak. There are a variety of reasons for this. Over time you would probably figure that out for yourself, but I feel it’s necessary to throw that out there.

best of luck fellow traveler~

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Anonymous asked: Tips for lucid dreaming? Have any profound personal stories?

Everything I will explain in this response comes from personal experience with Lucid Dreaming.

Firstly, stopping smoking pot, drinking, or doing any other drugs will bring your sleep cycles into a balanced, natural rhythm. In this way, the will also extend and as well as make your dreams more vivid.

Secondly, you should start writing down your dreams. This discipline does many things. There is a routine to writing down whatever you remember of your nightly dreams in the morning. Through this practice you set the intention, telling your unconscious, ‘hey, I’m interested’. In honoring your dreams, you will get into a flow were you remember more of the dreams you have in a night, you remember the entirety of each dream, as well as the details.

Finally, at this stage you will be more ready to become lucid. There are many ways to achieve a lucid state in a dream. First you might ask yourself why you are interested in Lucid Dreaming. Personally, I understand why someone would want to have such an experience. It’s incredible to see your thoughts manifest before your eyes. The potential is limitless and it’s truly incredible to do things like travel the world or cosmos, interact with and engage with your unconscious in such a direct way.

At this point you can begin say at night as you go to sleep- “I will have a Lucid Dream tonight”. This sets the intention and lets your unconscious know that you are ready and desire such an experience. During the day I would suggest frequently asking yourself if you’re “dreaming or awake?”. If you ask yourself this enough it will become a pattern, and will help you ‘realize’ you’re dreaming at night.

I’ve had so many Lucid Dreams and Astral Travels but I would say what stands out is the experience of flying through the cosmos, across the globe, or even in the microcosm (through the body). It’s totally exhilarating. The other important part, to me, about Lucid Dreaming is being able to talk to figures of the unconscious (dream people, Spirit Guides, archetypal beings, etc) in a totally coherent state. In this way you can gain knowledge, and get advice about what do in your waking life.

As a musician and artist I get a lot of inspiration from the Astral/Dream World and I encourage you to go about this with reverence and good morals.


past posts on this topic:

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Anonymous asked: Are linked dreams a thing? Like two people dream the same thing and are in a specific higher realm together?

Dreams can definitely link between individuals. The context can vary greatly. One example I’m thinking of, is when people have precognition in dreams. It is well known that many people had dreams which forewarned of 9-11, in fact one of my friends had a dream of such.

In the regard to the latter question- it is possible for someone who has a great amount of experience with Lucid Dreaming, to transcend their own personal unconscious and begin working with others. Similarly, because Lucid Dreaming and Astral Travel are very much alike, and exist within the same realm, it is possible for people with an advanced background in Astral Traveling to ‘meet up’ in this realm.

I hope this clarifies things for you in some way. Dreams are a complex matter, and have a multifaceted way of being perceived. If you have further questions it may help to be more specific, in terms of a particular scenario.

light and love~

Also, keep in mind that someone may, in their unconscious nightly projections (dreams), engage with another person and not remember it. But I believe that all meetings, experiences, are accepted and purposeful on a ‘Soul Level’.

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georgehollow asked: so I'm not sure if you can help with this or not. I was astral projecting last night, looking for some answers and inspiration to write some music. As my astral body began to leave my physical, I began to vibrate and convulse like I never had before, and my Third Eye chakra felt like it was trying to smash itself out of my skull. It was so intense I stopped projecting. It's not like it was a terribly unpleasant feeling, but it certainly was not the best... Any Idea what this might be?

The convulsing is common when people try to Astral Project. In fact, shaking and moving intensely is a way for you to, subconsciously at least, stop the out of body experience (because it brings you ‘back’). You may have some blocks on various levels. The blocks may be in regard to your subtle/energy body needing clearing, or it could be a more mental (unconscious) block.

Anyways, the sensation on the Third Eye is related to energy activating in that area, and is usually associated with a clearing. It can feel like a pulsing, or a pressure, and it can be strange or even uncomfortable. When all your Chakras are clear, and open, it flows much easier, but you were experiencing an extreme clearing- as the energy needed to raise that much higher (to the Crown and above) for you leave this realm, and enter the Astral Realm.

I hope that explanation helps you. I’m not sure where that all leads you, but what you choose to do next is, obviously, up to you.


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lolperksofdecoratingawal asked: What are the prerequisites of astral projection (like the yogis way, they achieved it naturally) Im trying to gather a list and achieve all of them Also in meditation, ive heard conflicting things on breathing, like one side says that the breath should get shallower untill the breath settles between the eyebrows and it feels like youre not breathing and the other says it should get deeper and longer It would help if could clear the misunderstanding, thanks

Some ‘prerequisites’, as I used the term conceptually speaking, would include cultivating a meditation practice. The ‘cooling’ of the mind, or beginning to be present, without racing thoughts, labeling experiences etc, is important while moving out of the body, and keeping the Astral Travel going. For some people this comes more naturally than for others. The meditation practice will also an encourage a sense of conscious awareness. As you become more, again present in your daily life, you will also have this raised sense of your experience in your nightly adventures!

Secondly, and this will happen naturally with meditation practice, you can lighten anything that may be weighing down your heart, or mental/emotional/psychic (as in the state of your psyche the contents of your unconscious). There are other helpful tools such as writing in a journal, and contemplating emotions, images, memories that seem to surface.

Finally, I do encourage a healthy diet. Taking care of the physical body feeds the Astral Body. This holistic approach to your well-being will also encourage the purification. The Yogis were very strict about all these things but also used Pranayama techniques to intensify the process. You can look into this more if you’re interested but essentially Pranayama is a multitude of, sometimes rather complex, breathing practices which help to purify the physical body, as well as the subtle body/chakras.

Now this leads me nicely into your final concern. When it comes to the breath and areas of concentration when learning to meditate there are different techniques. Many Yogis practice a handful of techniques- but all in all Eastern culture defines many, many specific breathing patterns, mudras (hand positions, points of concentration on the nose etc), visualizations (Devetas, or envisioning a diety), and mantra (use of sound).

This all being summarized, I would suggest that you may look more into this subject by reading Breath, Mind and Consciousness by Harish Johari. That being said I can recommend a practice that will work for you, and is relatively straightforward.

Essentially you will sit comfortably in meditation posture, with your spine upright. When you are relaxed begin concentrating on your breath. Allow yourself to breath as naturally as possibly. After time you may begin to feel the breath as well, but continue keeping your awareness on the breath- “in” and “out”. It is a common experience, that over time, while allowing the breath to do what it will, whether at first, and for long periods, it gets stronger/heavier or lighter, faster or slower, eventually it will slow down very much and get very shallow. Again, the key is to allow things to be natural- allow thoughts to come and go as they please. Observe them and let them pass- keep your concentration on the breath. Do this practice daily, increasing the time you ‘sit’ for weekly (maybe start with 5-10 min and increase up to 20-30 over a few months).


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magentamagi asked: I was attempting to astral project ,but while I was relaxing I felt a sharp pain in my heart chakra, my third eye and my crown chakra. It hurt so much that I had to stop. This is not my first time attempting to astral project.

You will need to work on clearing your chakras, or subtle energetic centers through inner work before being able to astral travel. I would strongly encourage you not to continue attempting to go out of body in this way, and rather do this purification, on a subtle level. I describe this further in a video response here:

I also encourage you to check out the links which describe my views on the topic of Astral Travel/Astral Projection.

You may find this post particularly helpful:

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angel--aura asked: Last night I slept with crystals nxt 2 my bed & I think I astral travelled but I'm not sure. In my dream I could control it more & it was vivid. My friend was in some trouble with her Boyf & I could fly but she couldn't.I kept telling her u need to believe u can fly b4 u will fly but she never flew. In my waking life she isn't my friend anymore we had a falling out, I found love, moved away to a place at the beach & I got fit i got a new job recently, I am stressed frm learning alot but happy.

That’s good you are happy. The dream may be signalling you to reach out to your friend- although the insisting on flying possibly may reference various complexes; likely even that you (used to, or may potentially) preach to her about spirituality, or/and would like her to ‘awaken’ now. Either way, if you do choose to contact her, just be careful not to ‘show-off’ too much how you are currently ‘flying’ in your life; with the love, fitness and new job.

Flying is very common in dreams, particularly in Lucid Dreams- and that is the term I would use for this experience. It’s slightly different from the Astral Travel, because rather than literally feeling yourself leave this body, and go to the ‘Dream World’ or ‘Astral World’, you just “wake-up” in the Dreamscape.


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