blackholesunrise asked: Can you astral project?

We all can Astral Project. It’s a potential each of us hold. But I don’t want to be a stickler about grammar and not answer what you meant to ask.

I do Astral Project, Astral Travel, and Lucid Dream. It happens quite regularly. I don’t use any drugs, and I also don’t ‘try’. It seems to happen spontaneously. There are several factors I feel relate to the occurrence of these experiences. They are discussed in a video I will re-post right now.

Firstly, and I find this very important, Astral Travel and Astral Projection are two different things. Astral Projection is a sort of ‘half-way in and out’ of body experience. While Astral Travel is a type of full Out of Body Experience in which an individual goes into higher realms. So Astral Travel is a particular type of OBE, while Astral Projection is like a strong visualization. Lucid Dreaming is similar to Astral Travel, except rather than ‘waking up’ within a dream, you actually experience the movement from the regular, waking-consciousness, into an Astral state of awareness.

This is a cool thing to understand. I view Astral Travel, as a change in awareness or perception. Your consciousness shifts, you become aware of things in a higher vibration. In this state, your Astral Body/Dream Body/Light Body is free to travel wherever you choose.

This is something everyone is capable of doing. We all dream, we all have a Mer Ka Ba/Light Body/Dream Body/Astral Body. People in the spiritual community these days tend to focus on Astral Projection/Travel. I understand why, I really do. But I would like to emphasize that often some initial work must take place.

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I recommend clearing your energies- your emotional, mental and physical body- of any dissonance. This means healing your psyche/Self, opening your Heart, and other Chakras/Energy centers. I also believe that being grounded is an important balance to seeking Inner/Astral explorations.

You may consider that Yogis traditionally experience Astral Travels and Dream Yoga/Union after a serious practice of meditation. Meditation naturally clears and cleanses your body, mind, and spirit, because, for one, it will make you more conscious of these various aspects.

A one-pointed, or still mind is also vital to the Astral/Lucid experience, because it won’t last very long if your mind is racing all over the place. So for those seeking an Astral Travel etc, I recommend focusing less on that end goal, and more on the steps that can help lead up to this successful OBE.

Purify, ground, set the intention. It will happen when you’re ready. Oh also, between 3 and 5 am (the middle of your sleep cycle) is the best time to Lucid Dream and Astral Travel in my opinion.

All of this comes from personal experience. I never read any books or anything about how to Astral Project etc.


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pipperipembo asked: i think i'm really close to astral projecting...i just need a push or something. got any guided meditations, visualization techniques, or other tips? thanks!

That’s great, I’m happy for you. I think you’re referring to Astral Travel or a full out of body experience. But if you’re asking about Astral Projecting i recommend just working on visualizing in general. The more you use your imagination the stronger your Third Eye Psychic Vision will function. Soon visions will come on their own. You should practice setting intention prior to meditation. So, letting Spirit or Higher Self know that you are ready for visions, or specifically what your goals are.

If you’re talking about Astral Travel and the all out, into the Astral Body experience there are hypnoses that can help you achieve this state.  They can help relax you enough for your body to fall “asleep” while your mind remains conscious. It’s much easier for your mind to slow down and for the body to go into “sleep paralysis” right before sleep (a melatonin supplement will also help you get tired). You can also try waking up in the middle of your sleep cycle (like 3 am) and then doing the hypnosis when you’re really tired.

The key is to allow, allow, allow- just to relax and let the Astral/Dream/Light Body fully activate. If you keep putting your attention and intention towards this goal it will happen!

Here are some hypnoses (guided meditations to help)

Guided Meditation for Astral Travel

Sleep Hypnosis for Easy OBE

extra reading:

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d-e-m-i-g-0-d asked: I have astral projected twice on accident, but when i try to do it i can't. why is that? how can i learn to do it at will? what needs to be done? also when i astral project, i have a hard time seeing? why is that?

Do you mean that you Astral Traveled; as in out of your body? Astral Projection is a half way in-and-out experience usually accompanied by visions either unconsciously or consciously controlled.

Basically you are trying too hard when it doesn’t work. You just need to allow. Follow what feels right! When you feel like trying to Astral Travel go for it, and just let-go of your mind. Try doing it late at night. The purpose of Astral Travel is not necessarily to do it all the time. Do it when the moment feels perfect!

You will learn to “ground’ into the higher realms. When you learn to come into being out there a scene will develop. It’s quite common at first to just be in void space.

I recommend taking a go at Astral Projecton. You can practice visualizing or wait and see what visions come to you as you lay quietly in the dark. You will find yourself sort of in-and-out of your body at the same time. Sometimes aware of the Astral Body and then subtly coming back to the physical. This can be less intense but still a great experience and place to discover more about yourself and even learn from Spirit Guides etc.

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mediocrequail asked: Random question, I have been trying to astral project, (no success yet) but every time I start to enter sleep paralysis, like it should, it gets a little harder in a way to breath. I always end up messing up breathing or breath to hard so i get knocked out of the trance. Any tips? and any tips on astral projection?

Try using melatonin, or do it really late at night. You can even wake up at three in the morning and try it then because your mind will be more tired. Basically your conscious mind is getting in the way. By the way, your speaking of astral travel. Astral projection is when you go half way in-and-out, having visions. You might even want to try that

Best of Luck~

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Anonymous asked: whats the dif between astral traveling and astral projecting?

Some people will use the terms interchangeably as slightly different terms for the same thing. But other people will get specific and say that Astral Projecting is like strong visualization while Astral Travel is completely out of body (whether conscious, unconscious, voluntary or involuntary).

Astral Projecting can be defined as the feeling you are half-way out of your body, or you lose awareness of your body at some points and then maybe are aware of it again. You consciousness has reached the Higher Planes but you are remaining, not only connected, but within the physical body. You may experience a surrogate body, or see your astral body; you may also go in and out of sensations in the Light Body and then back into the physical body. This can be equated to very intense visions.

Astral Travel definitely infers that you are leaving your physical body completely and going into the other dimensions with you Soul. In this case your consciousness is completely out of this world and into another. This is similar to waking up in a dream and feeling you are flying. Every sense (even more you don’t normally have) is fully present in the other realms and you are still connected to this physical body but only by what’s known as the Silver Cord.

There are all variations of experiences in both levels. Some people will experience the different methods with changing amounts of control and self awareness in these states. One can be voluntarily creating the visions or astral experience or it can be brought to you. It can also be the case that you are conscious and having thoughts during the experience. Opposingly some have no consciousness and are viewing it more remotely.

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