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Response to Frustrations of Being a Vegetarian in America

It may be best not to allow people’s ignorance to get to you. I would agree there is a lot of hypocritical things going on- the food industry, among other complex and corrupted aspects of our society are real issues.

You don’t need to give love, or share your energy with them. But it is best to not allow them to hinder your states of joy. It’s best to see everyone around you as a reflection of yourself. Oftentimes they are a teacher. These examples you speak of reveal the need for tolerance.

Their life choices don’t need to settle with you. What you can benefit from is obtaining a mindset where other people’s lifestyle doesn’t make you unhappy. So continue to set an example that you believe is of good moral standards, don’t preach unless you are asked, and just allow things to work out over time. This is a huge lesson in patience, and tolerance rather than obsession and separatism.

Personally I don’t eat the flesh of any animal. But my father is a meat-eater and I don’t remind him of his wrongdoing on a daily basis. It’s unhealthy the choices he makes, but I choose not to be attached, or discuss my views unless I’m prompted by him. I try to lead by example.

love & light~

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