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pipperipembo asked: i think i'm really close to astral projecting...i just need a push or something. got any guided meditations, visualization techniques, or other tips? thanks!

That’s great, I’m happy for you. I think you’re referring to Astral Travel or a full out of body experience. But if you’re asking about Astral Projecting i recommend just working on visualizing in general. The more you use your imagination the stronger your Third Eye Psychic Vision will function. Soon visions will come on their own. You should practice setting intention prior to meditation. So, letting Spirit or Higher Self know that you are ready for visions, or specifically what your goals are.

If you’re talking about Astral Travel and the all out, into the Astral Body experience there are hypnoses that can help you achieve this state.  They can help relax you enough for your body to fall “asleep” while your mind remains conscious. It’s much easier for your mind to slow down and for the body to go into “sleep paralysis” right before sleep (a melatonin supplement will also help you get tired). You can also try waking up in the middle of your sleep cycle (like 3 am) and then doing the hypnosis when you’re really tired.

The key is to allow, allow, allow- just to relax and let the Astral/Dream/Light Body fully activate. If you keep putting your attention and intention towards this goal it will happen!

Here are some hypnoses (guided meditations to help)

Guided Meditation for Astral Travel

Sleep Hypnosis for Easy OBE

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