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This time only two years ago I dropped out of college; I saw a psychiatrist and he tried to prescribe me medication. I was obsessed with conspiracies at that time and had just seen, while recording my first album, a documentary on the failures of the medical world (in general, but including psychiatry)- "treating the symptoms not the underlying issue". My psychiatrist went on Spotify to hear my music and the first song he heard was titled “Psychiatry” where I say on the chorus “everyone’s got there pills”. He claimed that he had many creative patients who took medication. But, every ounce of my being rejected this, but mostly because of the mind- which was wrapped up in conspiracies; including that the pills contained fluoride.

Anyways, I next went to a therapist. Things did not improve quickly- I struggled with many issues, and continued with isolation and negative experiences. I happened to find a Jungian style psychologist who helped by relating more to my esoteric beliefs then my original therapist and psychiatrist. Still though, my life was a mess; I was often anxious and upset. But I started to grow.

Soon I was developing spiritually, and starting to do a lot of inner work. My psychologist watched as I went through lesson after lesson and phase after phase. He wold encourage me from time to time, helped analyze my dreams, but most of all he listened without the judgments of a traditional, conditioned “American” mindset

What some people would diagnose as bipolar or a bit of depression (maybe it “runs in the family”) is really an opportunity for self discovery. Now I’m happier than most people I know. I’ve discovered so much. All the “negative experiences” and “lessons” lead me to were I am now. I wouldn’t give up the long journey for immediate numbing of my natural emotions which were a calling and lead me to delve deep into spiritual realms (including Chakra work, Past Life Regression, Twin Flame merging, and all sorts of meditation).

I’ve kept my dramatic character, my poetic mind and grown into a spiritual being who encompasses all of my lessons bringing me to be strong, forthright, open, vulnerable, compassionate, dynamic and loving. Everything I went to lead me to this place I am in now. If I had taken the pills from that original Psychiatrist with his biased Western Medicine approach it would’ve halted all of my evolutions as a being from that moment forward.

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